Employer Registration

Want to be a part of SHARC 2017?

We have a variety of options for companies looking to sponsor SHARC 2017, some of which include:

  • Companies interested in being part of our career center can now register a booth at an early bird registration rate of $300. Companies with a career center booth are encouraged to collect resumes and vitae from participating students.
  • Can’t send a representative? We will be happy to collect resumes on your behalf for a registration rate of $150.
  • Feeling extra passionate about Human Factors? For a sponsorship of at least $3000, we will rename the conference “SHARC 2017 Sponsored By [Your Company]” and your company logo will be placed on our front page!
  • Would you like to sponsor in some other fashion?

Reach out to fscholc@ncsu.edu for more information!

If you cannot attend this year but would like to support SHARC and future conferences, there is a donation option in the registration link here.